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This form allows you to pay your LDA Membership Dues using your Visa or Mastercard. In the space provided, enter the dues amount found on your dues invoice you received in the mail.

If you did not receive an invoice, e-mail, or call 1-800-388-6642 or (225) 926-1986.

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*In accordance with a resolution of the LDA Board of Directors, beginning August 1, 2009, card users will be assessed a separate, non-refundable convenience fee of $15 at the time of each credit or debit card payment made to the Louisiana Dental Association (LDA). The non-refundable convenience fee will be included with your total payment amount on your credit card statement.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, better known as automatic withdrawals for dues, from checking and savings accounts will continue to be accepted by the LDA via the ACH Network without a convenience fee. The LDA will also continue to accept check payments via mail or in person without a convenience fee.

The LDA accepts Visa and MasterCard.